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Flying Jib continued

Marion and Ken Davis

Ken and Marion Davis

Joanne F. de Young

Michael and Carol Dutton

Steven and Katrina Gewirz

David and Linda Gordon

Deirdre Murty and David Guertin

Carol Hill

Brian and Lori Hogan

Hon. and Mrs. Ronald K. Machtley

Billy and Barby MacGowan

Catherine Piccoli and Richard Rosene

Torre and Patricia Peterson

Jack and Joan Regan  

Harold and Ellen Schein

Bill and Luci Spring

Whip and Judy Seaman

Eric Spicer and Sarah Fletcher

Kimberly Tutcher

Rufus and Janette Van Gruisen

Walter M. Wasowski

Alyce and Russel Wright

Bonnie and Steve Wurzbacher

Main Topsail

George and Ann Baker - The George F. Baker Trust

Tenley and Régis de Ramel

Fore Topsail

Bart Dunbar

Katherine Weschler-Williams

Mizzen Topsail

D’Arcy and Jason Carr

Suzanna and John Laramee

Elizabeth and Perry Lewis

Stephen and Zulekha Ludwig

Nancy and David Staples

Louise Strauss

Katherine Weschler Williams

Rick and Elaine Williams

Fore Course

Donald C. Christ and Dr. Jennifer Booth

Robert B. and Ann F Conner

John and Lori Corbishley

Douglas and Madelyne Cuddeback

Neal and Sara Harrell

James(Jim) Mary Dibara Harrington

Bob and Sarah Hood

Zulekha and Stephen Ludwig

Jennifer and Scott Spring

Kathy Vespia

RADM and Mrs. Glenn E. Whisler USN (Ret.)

Flying Jib

Alex Agnew

Peter Arguimbaum and Kim Ferraro

Mona and Allan Beitchman

Richard Harris and Elizabeth Towne

Elizabeth Bickford

Beezie Bickford

Gretchen and Peter Bloom

Louisa Boatwright

Wendy and Nick Bowen

Drew and Lisa Colburn