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March 7, 2017


Lets Get to Know Whit...

question one: When did you first get involved in practicing medicine? What kind of training do you have?

It was close to thirty years ago. I was working at a YMCA and needed to get trained in CPR and First Aid and the next thing I knew, I was volunteering on an ambulance. Within a couple years I applied to Paramedic School. I was certified and nationally registered as a Paramedic in 1992. Since then I have been certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Critical Care Transport (CCT), and I have taught CPR, 1rst Aid, ACLS, and PALS

Question two: what is your favorite part of being the medical officer?

This is all still sort of new to me, but honestly, it's the people. Working as a part of a team, and getting to help people, is its own reward. Couple that with sailing on a Tall Ship and visiting cool new places and it's pretty hard to go wrong

Question three: What kind of medical supplies do we have on board Oliver hazard perry?

So, as one can imagine, we have a lot of the regular stuff; band-aids, ice-packs, sea-sickness medicine, but since we are frequently off-shore and hours (or more) away from a hospital,  we need advanced medicine and equipment, including an ECG monitor-defibrillator, ACLS medications, advanced airway equipment, sutures, antibiotics, and more. Most of which have been kindly donated from the RI Disaster Medical Assistance Team

Question Four: What drew you to practicing medicine on a tall ship?

Honestly, it was the universe looking out for me. I "retired" last summer and have been traveling and exploring a bit. One day last fall, I happened upon the OHP hosting an open-house alongside the pier at URI, and the rest is history.

You can't go a day without.....


Favorite place you've traveled so far?



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