Captain David Dawes

I started seafaring with my father at age 3, I think.  The small home built sailing boat we voyaged on etched in my mind from a very young age the pleasure of sailing as a discipline in itself, and the freedom brought by travel by sea.  My youth was spent ocean racing in Australia where that country's America's Cup victory filled our heads with ideas of foreign travel.

I arrived in America and qualified as a deck officer on container ships.  Big ships were fascinating, but lonely for me as not everyone else out there seemed to share my enthusiasm for seafaring. At that point I turned to schooners, Tall ships and sailing yachts.  Here I found young people I could mentor and guests with a passion for being out on the ocean.  That suited me. Over the years I have been the captain of a over 20 different vessels from Schooner America, SSV Dennis Sullivan to S/Y Mirabella V, the largest single-masted yacht ever built. I hold a USCG Masters 3,000T license and have thousands of miles of open ocean and near coastal sailing, 

I am delighted to now find myself on the Perry. So many people have contributed to this project and the ship truly belongs to everyone.  We look forward to sharing her with you, be it for a30 minute tour or a 2 week voyage.