Caz Ludke

Position: Cook

Certifications: Self taught, with lots of family history in the food industry and ships

When did you first fall in love with sailing? 2004, when I read a book series that eventually lead me to find tall ships in 2009

What's the best part of your job? Doing my own thing, making my own schedule and cooking all day long, a day with out playing with food is a very sad day. The worst part of the job is getting asked what the upcoming meal is a thousand times a day, even when I post a menu so people don't bug me. 

Favorite place you've sailed to: Gdansk, Poland

What's your definition of a salad? There are green salads that have a base of lettuce or other leafy green plus added goodies, then those random vegetable salads with small things chopped up like avocado pea mint salad (my favorite), Italian corn and roasted red pepper salad, classic three bean salad and broccoli salad with bacon and crazins. Then there are all the other things labeled salad and the thing that those salads have in common is mayo, tuna salad, pasta salad, potato salad, chicken salad, ect. So if something is chopped up and has mayo in it, it is very likely that it's a salad. 

More about Caz:  I strongly believe I was born in the wrong century.