OHP Crew Professional Development Policy

Photo credit: Mark Russell

Photo credit: Mark Russell

OHPRI recognizes that pursuing license advancement in the professional maritime industry is often complex and expensive. In support of our mission “to promote personal and professional growth…”, in honor of our former Chairman Emeritus and one of the founders of OHP we have instituted a Professional Development Policy in honor of VADM Thomas R. Weschler that provides assistance to crew and staff members in pursuing professional advancement. Paying for license promotion is an unusual occurrence in the Tall Ship industry, but OHPRI has pursued this because we believe in the value of investing in our crew members, as they are the key to our success in regards to safety, training and our educational program. In essence, OHPRI will pay for full-time crew to acquire new licenses, with the expectation that that crew member will agree to an extended employment agreement.  

The funding for financial assistance for our crew members may also come from the Rhode Island Governors Workforce Development and through the Rhode Island Marine Trades Association (RIMTA), and is meant to maintain as well as advance the USCG licenses of our crew, and encourage the highest possible standards of safety training aboard Oliver Hazard Perry.  

OHPRI Crew Development Policy:

OHPRI will consider covering up to 50% of the cost of crew members seeking professional development or license advancement when the following criteria are met:

Must be in good standing, and be recommended for continued employment and/or promotion by the Captain and/or Watch Officer

Must have worked a minimum of three months prior to the start date of the calss, and must have a contract signed for at least an additional three months (within the next 12 months). If you leave prior to the end date on your contract, you will be responsible for refunding OHPRI the entire amount of OHPRI’s contribution to your class/test, and OHPRI reserves the right to withhold the full amount from your final paycheck(s).

Must make request for class or test time at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the class/test. While the OHPRI office can sometimes help with finding and booking classes, ideally the crew member will present the office with dates and cost of the class/test being requested.

Credential must be something that is needed for OHP manning requirements, or else have some other direct benefit to the ship or program.

Crew member must meet all previous requirements (such as sea time) of the license prior to requesting funding.

Approval is at the sole discretion of OHPRI, and is dependent on availability of funding, ship schedule, and crewing needs. Courses will not be approved while the ship is in program.

If you are currently employed while taking the course, your salary will be paid throughout this time.

Preferred Local Training Schools:

·        Confident Captain, Middletown, RI 

·        United States Maritime Resource Center, Middletown, RI 

·        Northeast Maritime Institute, Fairhaven, MA