Engineer Position: 

Traditional sailing on deck and modern amenities below. Join us as we teach a new generation about Tall Ship sailing and marine stewardship

Engineer’s Job Description: Despite her historical look above deck, below decks she is quite the opposite. This brand new Tall Ship has a very sophisticated engine room and an array of modern features. The Engineer is in charge of the proper operation and maintenance of all electrical and mechanical equipment aboard the ship. The Engineer monitors fuel and water supplies, maintains the highest level of fuel and energy efficiency and keeps tools and spare parts organized and inventoried. He/she also instructs all crew members in the procedures for operating the generator, engines, bilge pumping system, and fire fighting equipment. Record keeping is through an online system called Wheelhouse.

How to apply: Applicants should send resumes and references with a cover letter to Chris Dimock: 

The right candidate for the position of Engineer will have at least a Designated Duty Engineer (1,000hp), Basic Safety Training & Advanced Fire Fighting.

The idea candidate will have a solid background in systems engineering and an interest in trouble shooting some of the final pieces of the project. The engineer is also welcome to participate as much as they wish above decks and even in the rig. We are a sail training vessel, and there are training opportunities for everyone.

Oliver Hazard Perry is very different from the other tall ships.  First of all it's a steel hull, but she also has all the equipment a larger ship has, just on a smaller scale.  

Engineering equipment includes:

·         Twin 385hp Caterpillar diesel main engines

·         Twin 99kw generators and a 30 kw emergency generator

·         Full HVAC

·         Ensolve filtration system

·         Reverse Osmosis watermaker

·         Sewage treatment plant

·         Hydraulic steering

·         Hydraulic bow thruster

·         Hydraulic anchor windlass

·         Oily water separator

·         Various pumps for fuel transfer, bilge and fire, sewage and gray water transfer

Should you sail on the OHP, you will be able to maintain your license at the current level and work toward a limited chief engineer license.  You should be able to use your time on OHP toward half of your second engineer upgrade time, this would be the same as if you were sailing QMED on a big ship.

As for the work day and life aboard, the engineer is considered an idler.  That's an old time term for someone who does not stand a set watch.  The engineer will normally turn-to after breakfast and work days, but is on call at all hours.  The engineer will often end up working a lot when they first come aboard, but after a few weeks they will get it figured out and things should be running smoothly most days and it doesn't require a full day's work in the ER to keep things running well.  On those days it can be fun to help out on deck in the afternoon.  On a tall ship there are always blocks and pulleys to be rebuilt and other semi-mechanical work.  You will also occasionally need to borrow a deck hand to help you in the engine room with a specific task.  And then there are the calls for "all hands on deck to set sail".  If that's not the best part, then you might be looking at the wrong ship.  

To be paid, candidates must be US citizens or permanent residents.

SSV Oliver Hazard Perry crew are not permitted to consume alcohol during programs or smoke aboard the vessel at any time, and must be willing to undergo a criminal background check and drug-testing in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard regulations. Crew positions on SSV Oliver Hazard Perry include all aspects of tall ship sailing and good seamanship as well as an ability and desire to educate students of all ages in day and overnight programs. All crew participate in daily housekeeping, routine maintenance, safety drills, and take an active educator role. All crew must be enthusiastic, flexible, and energetic leaders with experience in the industry.

How to apply: Applicants should send resumes and references with a cover letter to Chris Dimock: