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Education and character building will be achieved through sail training, port stop excursions, and interactive courses in:

  •  Marine Science

  • Maritime & Environmental Studies

  • Maritime and Caribbean history & literature

  • Navigation & Seamanship   



Students will work one-on-one with onboard advisers to develop a cumulative "Capstone" project of their own interest and design. The options are endless! Ideas may range from marine science presentations, cultural and anthropological research, bosunry projects, celestial navigation methods, collections of literary work, illustration and art portfolios, and beyond. At the end of the voyage, students will present their projects to the ship's company, and reflect upon the development of their interests and knowledge throughout the program. 


·        Environmental stewardship

·        Maritime history

·        Culture and literature

·        Caribbean history

·        Impacts of tourism on culture and environment

·        Postcolonial legacies

·       Navigation (celestial, paper, and electronic)

.        Ocean Regulation & Laws

Academic themes will range from: 

·        Meteorology

·        Watch standing (leadership and teambuilding)

·        Sail theory

·        Engineering

·        Marine science

·        Cultural reciprocity 

·        Global awareness

·        Climate change


Program Highlights:

Students will board SSV OHP as members of the crew and join a rotating watch system for the duration of the voyage. Under the guidance and training of our professional merchant mariners, students will learn to sail and operate the vessel, ranging from electronic and celestial navigation, traditional sailing, engineering, ship maintenance, and so forth.  Our education team will lead classes aboard and ashore based in marine science in our state-of-the-art ship's lab, maritime studies, Caribbean studies, ocean stewardship, and global citizenry. 

·         Deepen your global perspectives and immerse yourself in diverse Caribbean cultures and environments

·         Explore the volcanic origin of Martinique, and the sights of the mountainous Mont Pelée and the picturesque town of St Pierre

·         Experience the range of Caribbean cuisine, from the tastes of French Creole to Jamaican Jerk and everything in between! 

·         Hike the rigorous "Boiling Lake" trails in the "Nature Isle" of Dominica

·         Compare the impact of tourism and climate change on Caribbean culture, peoples, reefs, and mangroves

·         Meet the indigenous Kalinago people of Dominica, and students and teachers from several Caribbean schools, non-profits, and NGOs

·         Snorkel through the coral reefs of the Windward and Leeward Islands 

·         Discover your own interests and work with an onboard adviser to develop a final capstone project or presentation of your own choosing                   and design