How to Apply

$50 application fee, non-refundable. If this creates a hardship, please contact us to discuss need-based waivers


Step One: 

Click the orange "APPLY NOW" button. This will take you to our enrollment management system, called "ACTIVE." Create a profile in ACTIVE. (This will allow you to revisit your application and complete all the required pieces over time, rather than in one long sitting. Note your login and password information. You'll need it later.)  Please complete the Participant Questions, which includes questions relating to your health information. If under 17, parents will have to complete additional questions. 

Step Two:

You will receive a confirmation email from our office, including specific instructions on the next steps you need to take to complete the application. This email will include PDF attachments of the following: 1) medical forms 2) letter of reference form to give to two individuals of your choice (at least one reference must be from a former or current teacher) .

Step Three:

Be sure to complete and upload all required supplemental forms, as outlined in your ACTIVE application profile. These include:

o    Medical Forms

o    Letters of Recommendation

o    School Transcripts from most recent school year

o    Student Essay Questions: 

          - Describe your greatest strengths and your greatest challenges. How will these serve you? What do you hope to overcome/improve upon?

          - What do you aspire to gain from your Gap Term experience aboard SSV OHP?

          - What are you passionate about learning both in and out of the classroom? What aspect of learning most excites you about this voyage? 

o    You are also welcome (not required) to provide any additional materials that you feel strengthen your application. Perhaps you are an artist, blogger, musician, poet, scientist, photographer, influencer, athlete, volunteer, etc. and have stories, pieces, materials, etc. to share that will help our team get to better know you through the application process and beyond. 

Step Four:

Once we have received all your electronic application materials, we will contact you to arrange an interview. Interviews may take place in person, or via phone or Skype. 

Step Five:  

We will notify you of your acceptance status within five days of your interview. If accepted to the program, we ask that you provide your decision to OHPRI within two weeks. Upon your accepting a place on the Gap Term voyage, we will guide you through all the next steps to prepare for your journey!! 

Need help? Have questions? Contact us! 

Liz Fisher Sullivan (Education Director):

Liz is your go-to contact for Gap Term questions and guidance. She will answer any questions regarding the soup-to-nuts of the program, including academic content, port stops, assistance with college deferment, gathering application materials, and the nitty gritty of logistics from airfare to packing. 

Jessica Wurzbacher (Chief Operating Officer):

Jess is here to help you manage the cost of your Gap Term program. Contact her regarding financial aid, scholarship, and payment plans

Hannah Spicer (Operations Assistant):

Hannah is our in-house expert for all things "ACTIVE." For questions pertaining to Active registration, uploading forms to Active, etc. reach out anytime!