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MARCH 4 - 10, 2018


VOYAGE START PORT: Cienfuegos, cuba

voyage end: jamaica



Experience a new type of sailing adventure

SSV Oliver Hazard Perry is a 200 ft, three-masted, full-rigged Tall Ship. With 20 sails and 7 miles of rope on board, there is no room for idle hands when we set sail! Life on Oliver Hazard Perry means you become a part of our crew, from hauling lines, to climbing aloft, to taking the helm, you will participate in every aspect of sailing the ship. No previous sailing experience or extraordinary fitness is required, while life aboard is active and hard work, a positive attitude and sense of adventure is the only prerequisite to join!

In addition to the wealth of knowledge you will gain sailing Oliver Hazard Perry, there are many additional educational opportunities during your time aboard, including: 
-Knots, Splicing, Turks Head Bracelets
-Navigation & Basic Plotting
-Ship's Systems & Engineering
-Marine Biology
-Ocean Conservation & Environmental Impact

Experience a new type of cultural adventure

The Republic of Cuba is a historically rich destination, with increasing popularity due to its recently restored relations with the United States. The local climate of Cuba is tropical, moderated by the northeasterly trade winds, making it's spring temperatures very comfortable. The Republic's cities are vibrant with cultural values, such as a flavorful music scene and nostalgic vintage cars. Additionally, you can find an abundance of historical landmarks, making it a fulfilling destination for every type of traveler. 

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