Leadership at sea 

One of the main differentiating dimensions of the Oliver Hazard Perry is our commitment to creating strong leaders through the experience of working on a sailing school vessel. We take this mission one step further by creating an environment that encourages discussion and evaluation of leadership qualities, values, and ideals. 

A powerful motivator for adolscents and adults alike is the idea that we hold in our possession the ability to make a change- in others, in ourselves, and in the world. The idealistics power of young people with confidence and ambition is an aspiring sight. At Oliver Hazard Perry we aim to give trainees the extra push towards realizing their potential, and the unique power they possess as a young leader in society. Our hope is that after experiencing life aboard, trainees return to their communities with confidence, ambition, and drive towards accomplishing great things. It is our belief that ship life is the perfect platform to foster great leadership in the adolescents of today.