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Liz Fisher Sullivan 

Position: Program and Education Director 

When did you first fall in love with sailing? We have a family theory that it all began with my moms baby shower (when expecting me...). Her friends and family planned a surprise bash (by the way, don’t surprise a pregnant woman with a shower- let our story explain...). My dad was tasked with distracting her for the day while they set up the shindig...days away from giving birth. He drove her two hours away to Mystic Seaport for a tour of Charles W. Morgan. It was about 100 degrees, she was in agony for rest and to be cool...but tour that ship they did. She felt me content while aboard- which continued around the water for the rest of my days. I was born soon after...(we have the picture documenting her day on Morgan which is something I treasure...) I’ve never been more than ten miles from the ocean for more than five days in my entire life...wherever I have gone in the hasn’t been inland for long... 

Favorite place you've traveled: This is a serious toss up...because, well, French Polynesia...but then there is my beloved Kingdom of Redonda

What's your definition of a salad? Does it have hot sauce and feta cheese?! And if we are really reaching a gold standard, it’s loaded with Azorean olives...and smoked fish.