Onne van der Wal

Sailor and photographer

What fuels my commitment to OHPRI...

My interest in serving on the board of the OHP is due to my passion for the sea, boats, sailing and marine photography. I love the history of the clipper and tall ships and to see that being recreated in the form of the OHP is amazing and something I want to be involved in and support. My background is professional racing sailor. I have sailed well over 100,00 miles so being able to join a ship like the OHP from time to time to get back out there to shoot pics and film and to enjoy life on the ocean is key. With my sailing background and a love for film and photography I hope I can contribute and help spread the vision and mission of the OHP. I want to help others get out to sea and experience what I was lucky enough to experience, its a life changer and every one needs to see and feel that.