Space aboard is limited. Let me repeat: space aboard is LIMITED. Bring what you need, and maybe think about leaving your collection of model airplanes back at home. We ask that you pack in "crushable luggage" such as a duffel bag instead of a hard suitcase. 

In this day and age, we all fall victim to screen addiction. To get the most out of this experience, we will be participating in a cell phone free voyage. If you bring your cell phone we will collect it at the beginning of the trip. Hence, if you wish to capture those 'Instagram worthy' moments, we encourage using personal cameras & GoPros. 

Note: the specific packing list for your voyage & rules and restrictions will be sent to you when you register. However here is a sense of the kinds of items we encouraging bringing with you. 


□   Rain gear (hooded jacket & pants). Effective rain gear is key to enjoying the trip. We suggest you bring the best quality rain gear that you have access to. Vendors like West MarineHelly Hansen Newport, and REI have a variety of quality rain gear. 

□   Polar fleece jacket, or mid-weight layer. The key to clothing on a ship is layering.  Clothes that can be worn over or under other layers are recommended. Having some sort of outer shell that blocks the wind and rain is important, with warm layers underneath. It will be surprisingly cold at night on watch!

□   Quick drying clothes.  As a rule, synthetic fibers like polar fleece and various polyesters and nylons do a better job of drying quickly than cotton.  Wool is also a great fiber. Clothes should be comfortable and easy to move in. The clothes you bring to sea will be put to hard use and are subject to the same rugged life aboard a working vessel that you are. 

□   Water bottle (helpful if easily distinguishable as yours), carabineer is useful

□   Wrist watch (with digital or second hand)

□   Towel (light, quick drying, chamois type)

□   Sunblock (recommend SPF 30 or greater). Please choose a liquid or sold - NOT a spray.

□   Notebook/journal and writing utensil. There are times on board during education hours where a notebook is useful, but also when taking "nature breaks". It's a great way to jot down thoughts when taking in the unique surroundings and allows you to look back on our journey together and your personal growth. 

□ Lip balm

□ Bug spray (for shore excursions)

□ Seasickness medications if needed. Non-drowsy

□   Sunglasses (UV protection is best and polarized glasses are ideal), and/or a hat with a brim.

□ If you wear prescription glasses, bring a second pair. If you wear contact lenses, bring extras and your glasses as well (and lots of solution!) 

□   Bathroom kit (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, deodorant, comb, etc.)

□   Prescription eye wear (glasses/contact lenses)

□   Feminine hygiene items

□   Flashlight or headlamp (small, with a red lens, or covered in red cellophane)

□   Medication (prescription and non-prescription)

□   Blanket/sleeping bag and PJs.  You will be provided with a pillow, mattress and linens. 

□   Socks (wool is a good option, as they keep your feet warm even if wet. Cotton is not recommended.)

□   Warm gloves. 2 pair wool or synthetic only. Waterproof if you have them.

□   Deck Shoes (nonskid- / rubber-soled tennis shoes or sneakers; can also bring sandals if they have a heel strap, e.g. Chaco’s or Teva’s, no flip-    flops)

□   2-3 pairs of shorts (quick-drying)

□   4-5 T-shirts (including 1 long-sleeved)

□   1-2 pairs of pants (quick drying and/or canvas pants)

□   2 swimsuits

□   Underwear

□   A small day pack for on shore excursions

□   $20-50 for ice cream, souvenirs etc during port visits.