Commitment to Safety

The Sailing School Vessel Oliver Hazard Perry is a US Documented vessel, inspected and certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. Safety standards for Sailing School Vessels differ from those of passenger vessels on a comparable route, because persons aboard training ships are not passengers but participants who fully share in the ship’s operation. SSV Oliver Hazard Perry meets or exceeds all safety requirements for a vessel of her size and class.

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Safety Standards 

In addition to the sea-worthiness of our ship, seasoned captain and crew, Oliver Hazard Perry’s safety standards, training and equipment protocols are of utmost importance and in many cases exceed the standard for the industry:

  • Oliver Hazard Perry is certified and inspected annually by the US Coast Guard, meeting or exceeding all the standards of a Sailing School Vessel as described by the Codes of Federal Regulations (46CFR Subchapter R)

  • Under 46CFR Subchapter R the ship, crew, and all safety equipment is inspected and tested thoroughly by US Coast Guard, including underway safety drills related to man overboard recovery, fire fighting, flooding control, and abandon ship procedures.

  • We have one of the highest staff to trainee ratios of at least 2:1

  • The Oliver Hazard Perry carries a medical officer certified as a Wilderness First Responder when trips are near shore, and an EMT when trips are offshore

  • Over half our crew are certified in CPR & life-saving skills

  • The ship is in constant contact with 24/7 professional Medical Advisory Services through George Washington University, even when offshore via satellite phone, to assist with onboard medical advice, as well as coordinating any shore side medical visits or evacuation.

  • Our life-raft capacity exceeds SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea Convention) requirements in that there is always at least 25% additional capacity than the number of people onboard

  • Also meeting SOLAS requirements is OHPRI’s policy of providing immersion suits for all trainees

  • Oliver Hazard Perry provides inflatable PFD’s (life jackets) to anyone working on deck at night or in rough weather, outfitted with personal strobe beacons and whistles

  • Oliver Hazard Perry provides approved climbing harnesses that everyone is required to use when climbing aloft

  • The Oliver Hazard Perry meets all GMDSS requirements (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) in regards to our communication equipment; including long range radio and satellite communications, and distress and emergency signaling ability. These systems are inspected and approved by the FCC

  • At least 11 of the 17 crew are licensed and credentialed by the US Coast Guard, and on all international voyages they meet or exceed the additional safety training requirements as set forth by the International Standards on Training Certification and Watchstanding (STCW)