Sailing for Success trainee in 2015

Sailing for Success trainee in 2015

AUGUST 24th, 2017; 9am - 4pm

$100 per person



  • A morning structured class on Process Communication Model (PCM), a valuable communication tool used worldwide, led by educational consultant and Certified KCI Education Trainer Kathy Vespia, Ed.D.
  • Sampling of our sail training that your students could experience while on board for a school program  
  • Exclusive networking opportunities with fellow teachers



Created by Dr Taibi Kahler, the Process Communication Model® (PCM) is the world’s premiere tool that is based on human behavior. It enables the user of PCM to understand how and why people communicate.

  • Observe and understand your own behavior
  • Understand the behavior of students and know how to communicate with them effectively
  • Analyze conflict and miscommunication and know how to find resolution and a return to effective communication

For more information on PCM and how it can benefit you and your students, click here

TESTIMONIALS from past participants on our Professional Development Voyages

"Mere words cannot express the gratitude I feel for all you have done for me and my fellow trainees this week. You couldn’t know this, but many times when I was standing at the rail (especially on bow watch) and also during my one turn steering on the helm, all I could thing was “I am the luckiest woman alive!” ... With people like you on board, Oliver Hazard Perry RI program is certain to be a success. You are all master teachers in your own right, and everyone who comes aboard will become better people (whether they recognize that or not). It has been a pleasure getting to know you all to the extent possible, and I hope to have the opportunity to join you again one day, hopefully with my students in tow. I wish you fair winds and following seas." -  Hilary Downes Fortune


"The Brunswick teachers would like to thank the entire crew for organizing, teaching and carrying out the trip. We appreciate your patience and willingness to share your expertise with us. We return to Brunswick with lessons to share with our students and an appreciation for your life at sea." -  Peg, Carla and Sue.


One of the main differentiating dimensions of Oliver Hazard Perry is our commitment to creating strong leaders through the experience of working on a sailing school vessel. We take this mission one step further by creating an environment that encourages discussion and evaluation of leadership qualities, values, and ideals. 

A powerful motivator for adolescents and adults alike is the idea that we hold in our possession the ability to make a change- in others, in ourselves, and in the world. The idealistic power of young people with confidence and ambition is an aspiring sight. At Oliver Hazard Perry we aim to give trainees the extra push towards realizing their potential, and the unique power they possess as a young leader in society. Our hope is that after experiencing life aboard, trainees return to their communities with confidence, ambition, and drive towards accomplishing great things. It is our belief that ship life is the perfect platform to foster great leadership in the adolescents of today. 

Please note that each departure requires a minimum of 15 trainees booked in order to run.  Should the minimum not be met, Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island has the right to cancel the departure at its own discretion. The cancellation notification will be made at least three weeks prior to departure. Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island will work with rescheduling trainees to another departure, or provide a full refund (minus Active reservation fees) to the original payment method.

Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island highly suggests all trainees purchase traveler’s insurance in case of cancellation or trip interruption.”