Student Testimonials 



“The crew was incredible and inspiring. We created a strong bond with them and they taught us so much besides sailing including life lessons…we miss the crew very much!”

Jamin Importante More Than Words Group


“I wasn't 100% sure about what I was going to be doing in a ship for 3 days but now it’s all clear to me. I learned what life at sea is like and what you have to do in order to be safe in a ship. It was all fun even though we weren't all ready for the hard work. The crew members were always there to help us.”

Daniela De La Cruz Providence Group


“They exceeded my expectations tremendously…I hope that others that attend OHP will enjoy it as much as I did”

Elvis Sanchez Providence Group


“I learned how important it is to try new things even if aspects of it sound uncomfortable because that is how you find out what things you like in life. I obviously learned a ton about sailing…& I’ll take these things back to school in the aspect that I’ll try to see what marine things my school has to offer and always be on the lookout for another opportunity like this.”

Stephanie Kellerman Portsmouth Group


“Some of the best people I've met in my life, the trip made me want to do things like this more and maybe even consider doing it after high school”

Stephanie Kellerman Portsmouth Group


“I loved how fun the crew was and the experience was one I will never forget. Best time ever.”

Rebecca Downs-Honey Portsmouth Group


"I will never forget my time aboard the Oliver Hazard Perry. From the moment I stepped on the ship, everyone was incredibly nice, crew and trainees. I made friends faster than ever before, while cooperating to identify various lines of the ship. After only a few days these people feel like as though I’ve known them for years. Hauling the lines became more and more rough on my hands as the days moved on, but I couldn't care less as long as I was singing shanties alongside crew member Jake and my new friends. Waking up for an hour each night to check the boat was a hard transition, But it was more than worth it to see the beautiful stars untouched by the city lights. One night, I looked off the bow and was thrilled to see hundreds of bioluminescent squid, darting every which way in a dazzling display of light. Matt even managed to direct them in a circle with his flashlight. I couldn’t have been happier. What I didn't expect to appreciate half as much as much as did, was how much of a crew member I was treated as. Working with our talented cook Andy was as great, he would joke and sing and make even the most boring jobs like washing dishes exciting. I'll miss his vegetable lasagna. One of the greatest privileges of being on that boat was steering. Helm in hands and eyes on the horizon, I had felt a greater sense of responsibility than ever before, and I loved it. It took me longer than I would have liked to get used to repeating my orders back to the captain, but once I had, I could accommodate for wind and current and make sure that we were sailing in the right direction. Standing on the quarterdeck, watching whales from afar and the sails held taught by the wind made me wish that week would last forever. Thank you so much for this life changing experience!"

Luca Germon


This is my son's 4th trip with you guys (his first one was on Mystic). He is hooked and LOVES it. He said this trip to Cuba trip was his favorite so far. The experience, confidence and memories are invaluable. He wants to take it to the next level and start working on boats.


Jane Laird