Taran Egner

Position: Medical Officer/ Deckhand

Certifications: State of Utah Emergency Medical Technician 3

When did you first fall in love with sailing? I fell in love with sailing before ever stepping foot on a sail boat. While visiting my father in South Africa, we took a trip to the Cape of Good Hope while I was simultaneously reading Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. It was then that I realized I was born in the wrong century and may never get to be a pirate. Traveling back to the mountains, I couldn't help but dream about the adventure and challenging life at sea.

What's the best part of your job? Working with the trainees that are excited to learn the tradition of sailing square rigged vessels and nautical history. I really enjoy seeing how much trainees have grown after they've conquered their fear of going aloft, waking up early for watches and the hard work they've put into sailing these vessels.

Favorite place you've sailed to: Oahu, Hawaii

What's your definition of a salad? The green stuff that makes sailors strong like Popeye.

Anything else you want to be in your bio? Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, my passion for adventure started young, I've climbed, skied, biked and camped through many of the tallest and most beautiful mountains in Western North America. I'm excited to share my knowledge of wilderness safety while learning and sharing tall ship traditions.