Avery “Whip” Seaman, Jr.

Retired President  & Owner

Corp Brothers, LLC

 What fuels my commitment to OHPRI...

I first learned about the Tall Ship experience when my dad was on the 1976 Tall Ship committee headed by Vice Admiral Tom Weschler. That event to this day was probably the greatest Tall Ship rendezvous that Newport has ever seen. As future tall ship events were planned I found myself lending support and was on the committee for the 2000 visit. When the plan to create America’s newest sail training ship came to light, I followed the OHP progress every step of the way. My son was part of the crew for most of previous winter. I even volunteered to stand watch on New Year’s Eve so the crew could go out and celebrate. I was hooked and I see being on the board as a chance to keep the “dream” alive.