Why Sailing to Cuba meant a lot to Us

History has been made! SSV Oliver Hazard Perry successfully went international, and to the amazing country of Cuba. As we make our way back to Florida to do it all again, we reflect on the incredible experience to visit such a welcoming, exciting, beautiful country. It has been a journey none of us will ever forget. 


Opportunity to try new things

Harbor the adventure

Personal Growth 

Respect the elements


"It allowed me to see a country that was impossible to visit for sixty years. I was able to see historical sites and learn something about Cuban culture. It was great to be an active participant in sailing the boat to Cuba" 

"To see OHP's rockstar crew in action and how hard they work to teach us and keep us safe" 

"I've never experienced anything like this before. It was amazing to become immersed in another culture and to compare it to my own. Actually sailing is something I will carry with me for a lifetime and hopefully continue with past this voyage."

"I got to see where my family comes from" 

"I got to go to a country not many Americans get to experience, and an entirely new culture" 

"Seeing Cuba in person and through a screen are two totally different things. I can now feel a real connection when something concerns this country. I also feel I have gained much more Global awareness" 

"Spend time with my family and create memories that will last a lifetime." 

"Spending time with the amazing people of the country" 

"Grow as a person" 

"I got to sail with my family again and learn how to sail on a tall ship" 

"Gained SSV knowledge to be able to promote OHPRI to others" 

  1. I did something new

  2. I experienced many new senses in an unfamiliar city 

  3. I made new friends

  4. I learned so much

  5. The hard work pays off

  6. I got a tan!

  7. I can see how lucky I am 

  8. It benefits all growth and self reflection

  9. I'm only better from it