The Ship

  • 200ft: Largest civilian Sailing School Vessel in the US
  • 7 miles of rope, 160 belaying pins, 20 sails, 14,000 sq ft of sail
  • Ocean-going full-rigged ship: The first to be built in the US in over 100 years
  • Sailing School Vessel: Carries no passengers, all who sail aboard are crew and take active roles in sailing the ship safely
  • Meets and exceeds all USCG and ABS safety requirements for a ship of her size
  • Provides an opportunity for growth: personally, professionally, academically, physically &  socially – building seamanship skills, teamwork, leadership, stewardship
  • Accommodates 49 people overnight, including 17 professional crew

Click here to watch aerial footage of the stepping of the main mast (credit Marine Motion)

Click here to see weekly construction photos of the progress at Senesco (Photos by Rod Smith)



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