Photo by Mark Russell

Photo by Mark Russell


Currently accepting applications for all positions for the winter/spring 2018:

Traditional sailing on deck and modern amenities below. Join as we teach a new generation about traditional sailing and marine stewardship. We run programs for trainees of all ages ranging from youth to adults during year-round operation in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. Training programs on this full-rig ship usually range between 1-4 weeks. All crew are educators, and must have enthusiasm and passion for teaching about sailing and life at sea. 


* * * Immediate short term deckhand position open from September 7 to September 13, with the option to extend through to Sept 24 if desired * * * 

Riggers: October 2 - November 10, 2017

Our team of riggers will work alongside world renowned tall ship rigger Jim Barry and our crew to replace our main T'gallant mast while the ship is dockside in Quonsett, RI. Must have experience rigging a traditional vessel and be comfortable working aloft with heavy tools and gear for extended periods of time. Dates October 2 - November 10, 2017. Applicants may apply for  all or part of this time. 

Captain: Available starting December 1, 2017

The Captain must hold a minimum of a 500 ton Masters License with Auxiliary Sail Endorsement. The Captain must have strong ship handling skills and experience handling vessels of similar size, and must be comfortable docking and anchoring at a variety of locations. Captain should have a strong commitment to Sail Training and education at sea, with experience delivering programs to students. Contract commitment of 3-4 months per year is ideal.  Read more here

Mates: Available starting October 1, 2017

The mates are responsible for leading a safe navigational watch, supervising deck operations and assisting the Captain in vessel operations, maintenance and instructing students in sail operations. The Mates maintain the deck logbook and are responsible for keeping all the navigational and safety equipment in order. Experience aboard square-rigged sailing vessels is required. Minimum license requirement for this position is 500-ton Ocean Mates with Auxiliary-Sail. Full job description here

Engineer: Available starting September 7, 2017

The Engineer is in charge of the proper operation and maintenance of all electrical and mechanical equipment aboard the ship. The Engineer monitors fuel and water supplies, maintains the highest level of fuel and energy efficiency and keeps tools and spare parts organized and inventoried. He/she also instructs all crew members in the procedures for operating the generator, engines, bilge pumping system, and fire fighting equipment. Record keeping is through an online system called Wheelhouse. The right candidate for the position of Engineer will have at least a Designated Duty Engineer (1,000hp), Basic Safety Training & Advanced Fire Fighting. Full job description here

Cook: Available starting December 1, 2017

The cook prepares and serves three meals daily for up to 49 crew, students and teachers; Other duties include sanitation and hygiene management of the galley, planning, provisioning and stowage. Cook must have creative menu ideas, a good sense of budget, the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness and produce timely delicious and nutritious healthy meals. Full job description here

Program Manager: Available starting December 1, 2017

The Program Manager will play an important role in the content and delivery of programs aboard Oliver Hazard Perry , working both as part of and alongside the ship’s professional crew to facilitate the core sail training experience, to coordinate auxiliary courses, and to administer the programs. Full job description here

Bosun: Available starting October 24th, 2017

The Bosun is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and repair of the hull, deck, rigging and sails of the boat. The Bosun works closely with the Captain and Mate to coordinate maintenance priorities and available materials and labor. The Bosun is responsible for maintaining an appropriate inventory of maintenance supplies, tracking use of materials and projecting future needs. Full job description here

Able Seaman: Available starting September 1, 2017

Able Seamen are the core deck crew members working the ship both on deck and aloft. They also lead the trainee crew members (both youth and adult) in all aspects of shipboard operations. The Able Seaman is a US Coast Guard issued merchant mariner document.  STCW rating of AB Deck is required, including Basic Safety Training, Personal Survival Craft, and Ratings Forming Part of a Navigational Watch.Full job description here

Deckhand: Available starting September 1, 2017

Deckhands are the core deck crew members working the ship both on deck and aloft. They also lead the trainee crew members (both youth and adult) in all aspects of shipboard operations. Of the four deckhand positions on board at all times, two are USCG certified Ordinary Seaman, and the other two are unlicensed positions.  Full job description

Immediate short term deckhand position open from September 7 to September 13, with the option to extend through to Sept 24 if desired

Medical Officer: Available starting December 1, 2017

The Medical Officer is a member of the deck crew with the following additional responsibilities: Maintaining full inventory of medical supplies, first point of contact for major and minor medical incidents, accompanying students on visits to hospital or doctor’s office, keeping a record of all injuries aboard and medication administered, taking custody of all student’s prescription medication, and recording their distribution. Valid EMT license preferred with additional wilderness medical training, WFR may be substituted on a case-by-case basis. Full Job description here


Application Process: 

Apply by emailing cover letter & resume to 



  • Experience working on the largest civilian full-rig Tall Ship in the U.S. 
  • Square rig seamanship
  • Ocean voyaging
  • Funded Professional Development 
  • Comfortable accommodations 
  • Well paid positions
  • Helly Hansen sponsored crew uniforms
  • Paid Vacation time
  • Unique programs
  • Great destinations

Oliver Hazard Perry is proud to partner with Helly Hansen Newport to provide crew clothing and uniforms.