Even when students can't physically come aboard our ship to join in-person programs, Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island is committed to providing an exciting and creative learning experience. We designed our "Ask Us Anything" video series, accompanied by classroom learning tools, to help both students and teachers explore maritime terminology, technology, and history from anywhere in the world.

Are you an educator who would like to partner with us? Or do you have an idea or request for a future learning video? Please email us at info@ohpri.org!

The Plimsoll Line

Have you ever wondered what that mark on the side of our hull is and what it's for? Our mate Georgia Hilton explains the history and use of the Plimsoll Line, and why it's so important to maritime shipping.


Interdisciplinary lesson overview for The Plimsoll Line
Sample lesson plan, customizable for Grades K-12

Water Depth and Soundings

If our electronics broke, how would we know how deep the water is under our ship? What's a sounding, and how do we do it manually? And what's a fathom, anyway? Georgia and Jackson, crew on the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry, take you behind the scenes as they explain how sailors have been finding water depth for thousands of years.

How Do Diesel Engines Work?

Get an in-depth look at diesel engines with SSV Oliver Hazard Perry's chief engineer, Alex. We'll walk through the engine room, explore the invention of combustion engines, how engines create power, and learn all about the marine engines on our ship.

All About Ships’ Propellers

Even though she's a sailing vessel, SSV Oliver Hazard Perry also needs her engines sometimes - and that means she uses propellers to move through the water. In this video, Georgia and the crew break down the inner workings of a ship's propeller system and some of the physics behind how it makes our ship go.

The Gulfstream!

Sailors love to talk about weather! And we can't talk about weather without talking about the Gulf Stream. Georgia explains what the Gulf Stream is, its historical importance to sailing, and what it has to do with our weather patterns.

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